250k Views? YouTubers Love To Hate Before Braille

16 Jun

Our most popular music video has nearly 250,000 views! Admittedly, most are from fans of murder rather than fans of Before Braille, but for those who get the joke, there are plenty of (not so) hidden nuggets of humor for them. We’re not sure an apology is in order for misleading blood-thirsty Youtube viewers, but that’s what we’d like to do…for the benefit of all.

Before Braille and Sunset Alliance would ask the blood-thirsty and non-blood-thirsty alike, to please accept our apology for being tricky. As a gesture of goodwill, we offer a free download of the song used in the infamous video.

Download “The Case Is Out” for a limited time from our Bandcamp store:

Also, we’ve provided you some riveting reading material for you to enjoy while you listen. (click image to enlarge) These enchanting comments are real; posted by an irked Youtube community. Cheers!


For those who like what they hear, “The Case Is Out” is one of 11 songs from Before Braille’s 5th studio album, Tired of Not Being Away From Here. (Sunset Alliance/YAWA Records) Learn more from Wikipedia


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