9 Apr

There is never a better month to shine a light on our favorite artist, Beninem. Ben Shill is a true artist and genuine person. One would be honored to know him. Sunset Alliance is blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and to call him a friend.


“I’m in support of Autism Awareness Month which just started a couple of days ago.As someone who was born with a form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome I want to let you all know that it has been the greatest thing in my life,I’ve been lucky to of made it threw the hardships that I had,The reason that I am telling you this is because there are some on here who can relate due to family or friends who have some form of Autism also you might too.And I would just like to let you know my support is there.Please wear some blue in honor of Autism Awareness Month.”
Thanks as always Beninem!

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