27 Oct

Sunset Alliance is happy to announce our first installment of Sunset Alliance Artist Q & A. We are kicking things off with the guys we greatly respect as musicians and especially as people.  The Davis family has been a great benefactor to our community. Brothers, Drexden and McKane Davis are the gears and wheels behind Roger Over & Out, and long time friends of Sunset Alliance, even before this record label was nothing more than a glimmer in our fathers’ eyes.

Today not only marks the first installment of the series, but today can also be celebrated as Drex Davis’ birthday! So, we’ve broken up the Q & A into two parts. Part 1: Drexden Davis. Part 2: McKane Davis (next week)

We hope our readers & allies enjoy the series and we want to invite all of you to submit questions to our artists and make suggestions about who we interview next. Do so [here] We’ve already had a couple contributors and it makes it a lot more fun.

So, Happy Birthday Drex! And Happy Reading Allies!

Click the image.

McKane Davis Q & A is now posted. See if little brother is more or less likeable than Drexden by clicking the image above. ;)

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