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11 Jun

What do you do when your ship is coming in and you’re not ready?
You get ready.
July 22nd, Sugar Ox arrives. The unmistakable debut by Captain Baby.
Be ready.

Don’t miss the boat. Pre-order now.
Much, much more coming very, very soon.

The Letterpress Restored

23 Apr

After a stint where one might look far and wide without locating a copy of the voltaic Input/Output by The Letterpress, it’s back with additional material. Two bonus tracks, “Conflict,” and “Ink Bleeds” have been added to the 7-song anti-guitar record that now boasts of 9-songs. These two additions were favorites live, but never found their way on an official release.

In a time where guitars may have been most prevalent in indie rock (2004), The Letterpress doubled-down on the rhythm section by having 2 bass players, Rajiv Patel and Jeremy Drysdale (Who was also the vocalist). Melody and technicality united as Drysdale and Patel weaved their ‘low-end’ tapestry, tightly-wound in pop sensibility. Dustin Carson (Foreign Holiday) was equally responsible by keeping the songs rhythmically in step and  complex in harmonious assonance.

The LetterpressTony Reed

In your musical lifetime you might have but one opportunity to experience a rock band without a guitar that doesn’t fill that space with electronics or keys or gimmick. You might as well soak it in while you have the chance, even if you are 10 years late. It’s okay, the music has been here waiting for you. Later is better than never.

Hear/download the album now from Bandcamp now and find it in a couple weeks on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all your favorite digital forums.


21 Apr

BENINEM – NEW BARS                    autismMONTHbutton

I’ve been waiting for my whole life for this moment to burst like Sunkist on tung flow is never rehearsed it’s not a game.
I find that the mind starts to feel like a kite on a string it can’t be in the air if it doesn’t wind away from the spindle.
If words start to drip from the ceiling then all the pain of trying to get it out will start to feel healing.
The progression has taken so long but the hiphop has become the norm in the brain of Beninem it is a storm.
As the years have gone by 480 area code core has become dawn of each day.
Emcees listen up cause the mic check is gona cease for another one is writing a lease on paper the ones you dropped have turned to vapor.
It’s just a part in this claim that has been taken not talking about fame it is never a need to take aim the flow just lands where it needs to.
Getting people hyped about this has been a lot more crazy then an attorney in a court case you can tell the guilty person typed all about what was done.
Siting in a cell with a grin on da face knowing that wishing well is full of coins everyone seams to want to dive in.
Spraying what is known must be the reason why the walls are covered in art oh wait no it is just a restart of illest kind.
Ah the classic soda has been shaken although new schoolers will never know there t-shirt has been soaked back to the 80s again.
Ha that’s how it goes when fooling those who think it can’t be skilled by an artist who will not stop the link from reaching the farthest point.
Getting lit up by a whim keeps it going tell it falls into place oh look its up on the brim of a hat.

presented as written


Happy Record Store Day

19 Apr


Visit our friends at Stinkweeds (602) 248-9461 (12 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85013) and your other favorite record store locations.

And enjoy your family and observances for Easter tomorrow. What a wonderful weekend it is!


11 Apr

Extended Stay is one of the best instrumental albums you will ever hear. It is a sonic tapestry woven by Jeff Johnrey.  It’s subtle. It’s calming. It’s intriguing. In this installment of ‘Q & A’ we discuss the artist’s stint with Yukon Blonde, his life in Germany, and his new music.  
 Jeff Johnrey Studio

Can you give us a brief John Jeffrey music history?

Well my interest in music came from my dad, always had guitars around etc.. He traded a welder from his garage for my first drum set when i was 8 or so.. I took my first lesson from a good friend of mine’s grandfather who made me cry never want to play again. Flash forward: 6 years, at age 14 I started playing in a punk rock cover band at a local music shop. They had a program called ‘Weekend Warriors’ where kids would get together and have a ‘band coach’…real washed up old musicians assuring us of the girlfriend’s we would have from making music.

Your name is John Jeffrey. Your “band” name is Jeff Johnrey. What led to this decision?

Nothing in particular, I have two first names so just switched them. No cool story there.

Would you mind discussing your basic recording process/set up? Instruments, gear, etc.?

It’s simple, I just use Logic and a sound card.. Presonus Firepod.. A Fender Stratocaster, drums, midi keyboard and computer. A couple mics and most of the time I just put guitars direct. I’m no good at recording really, that’s an art all in itself.

Your song titles can be ambiguous. What inspires the titles? And what is a ‘Blue Mom Day?’

Read John’s answer and the rest of this interview on the Artist Q&A page, found under our ‘Contact’ Menu tab.