21 Apr

BENINEM – NEW BARS                    autismMONTHbutton

I’ve been waiting for my whole life for this moment to burst like Sunkist on tung flow is never rehearsed it’s not a game.
I find that the mind starts to feel like a kite on a string it can’t be in the air if it doesn’t wind away from the spindle.
If words start to drip from the ceiling then all the pain of trying to get it out will start to feel healing.
The progression has taken so long but the hiphop has become the norm in the brain of Beninem it is a storm.
As the years have gone by 480 area code core has become dawn of each day.
Emcees listen up cause the mic check is gona cease for another one is writing a lease on paper the ones you dropped have turned to vapor.
It’s just a part in this claim that has been taken not talking about fame it is never a need to take aim the flow just lands where it needs to.
Getting people hyped about this has been a lot more crazy then an attorney in a court case you can tell the guilty person typed all about what was done.
Siting in a cell with a grin on da face knowing that wishing well is full of coins everyone seams to want to dive in.
Spraying what is known must be the reason why the walls are covered in art oh wait no it is just a restart of illest kind.
Ah the classic soda has been shaken although new schoolers will never know there t-shirt has been soaked back to the 80s again.
Ha that’s how it goes when fooling those who think it can’t be skilled by an artist who will not stop the link from reaching the farthest point.
Getting lit up by a whim keeps it going tell it falls into place oh look its up on the brim of a hat.

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