6 Jul


The Dali Lama rides a lama like Obama’s donkey on’a- vacation in the Bahamas- sipping grey goose piña coladas- A brand new drink that he just thought of- in the sauna…and he’s hot!

But in November he’ll be gone’a like you wanna- cheap iguana pruned up in the aqua with piranhas- Uh oh, body trauma!  Call your mama in Tijuana, cartel’s on ya- you’re lasagna, or mom’s spaghetti, slim shady drama, you’re shady, comma, like the devil w/o the prada, you banked on hope and hope is nada-

Like a fire stata’, you just gotta burn the choir and god’fada- anama-lies that are in common- that’s a problem- you say you’ve got none- now you’ve got one. ’cause now it’ll be Sodom in your bottom.


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