7 Dec

“Yo Santa is in the house and this place is gonna get uh rocken so get ready for the shocken of your life.Cause were about to take this up a notch with the Christmas spirit that so many of you seam to forget about at a time when it is the cream that makes glow.Take a taste of candy cane punch it will give you a bunch of fuel which will enhance your belch.Come on don’t be a holiday pooper get up out of that seat and grab yourself a big fat snowball to throw at all the crooks that rob all the houses with kids alone hey do not give me that tone at this moment. I’ve got to get to that heater which is next that tweeter so I can get funky to the jamming jingle jangle bumping song.Can ya step aside mister scrooge I want to throw it down all over ever tree top until this makes everybody bop to the side and does the elf shuffle you say does this muffle then we say no it don’t.Get on out with your missile toe there will be no kissing on this night even if some people are tight when it comes to seeing that.  And with this flow I would like to add that I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I am so thankful to all of you who have checked out all my rhymes during this year.its been so much fun to share my hidden talent with each and every one of you.I would ever do it if I did not feel like it meant so much for me to do it.My music is geting put together so be on the look out on here for it.Who now’s I might be doing this again next year.Word! -BENINEM

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