4 May

*Beninem wants to preface this freestyle by saying, “I brought it real hard this time. It goes out to MCA of the Beastie Boys who passed away today.””Yo what do ya do when it feels like a parachute on your back and you cant run down the track of life? How do you reach your destination when there is no explination to get where you want to be?Are ya gona hold yourself back when your not a part of the pack that keeps it real?Well I got a thought that will blow your mind its called keep people in the know when the time is sems like it jerks there minds as the soda that perks the thirst.They want be the ones that reach the fold but they have not broke the mold just yet.You see them trying get threw the punches but they end up on there hunches without lunches.It gets kind of hecktic when trials become errors and it seams as though nobody cares anymore.Well I guessd it is time to pull threw when that clue pops into your brain.You have to get ill like MCA on a mic when ya throw it down so everbody in town nows how to take hold of what was droped.Dont ever turn off your faucet of flow water for it just hit the floor which caused someone to slip on there train of thoughts.Yes yall this is the heavy hitter watch out you might step in cat litter after this is done.Its oh so clever to hammer down punch lines insted of land minds which blow up in the face.Ouch that had to hurt better jump to the dirt right now. This goes out to Adam Yauch who just passed away today.Rest in Peace!” -BENINEM

[raw rhyme. unedited chime.]

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