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11 Apr

Extended Stay is one of the best instrumental albums you will ever hear. It is a sonic tapestry woven by Jeff Johnrey.  It’s subtle. It’s calming. It’s intriguing. In this installment of ‘Q & A’ we discuss the artist’s stint with Yukon Blonde, his life in Germany, and his new music.  

Can you give us a brief John Jeffrey music history?

Well my interest in music came from my dad, always had guitars around etc.. He traded a welder from his garage for my first drum set when i was 8 or so.. I took my first lesson from a good friend of mine’s grandfather who made me cry never want to play again. Flash forward: 6 years, at age 14 I started playing in a punk rock cover band at a local music shop. They had a program called ‘Weekend Warriors’ where kids would get together and have a ‘band coach’…real washed up old musicians assuring us of the girlfriend’s we would have from making music.

Your name is John Jeffrey. Your “band” name is Jeff Johnrey. What led to this decision?

Nothing in particular, I have two first names so just switched them. No cool story there.

Would you mind discussing your basic recording process/set up? Instruments, gear, etc.?

It’s simple, I just use Logic and a sound card.. Presonus Firepod.. A Fender Stratocaster, drums, midi keyboard and computer. A couple mics and most of the time I just put guitars direct. I’m no good at recording really, that’s an art all in itself.

Your song titles can be sometimes ambiguous. What inspires the titles? And what is a ‘Blue Mom Day?’

Read John’s answer and the rest of this interview on the Artist Q&A page, found under our ‘Contact’ Menu tab.



9 Apr

SA_beninem oneliners cover_ALLY037

There is never a better month to shine a light on our favorite artist, Beninem. Ben Shill is a true artist and genuine person. One would be honored to know him. Sunset Alliance is blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and to call him a friend.


“I’m in support of Autism Awareness Month which just started a couple of days ago.As someone who was born with a form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome I want to let you all know that it has been the greatest thing in my life,I’ve been lucky to of made it threw the hardships that I had,The reason that I am telling you this is because there are some on here who can relate due to family or friends who have some form of Autism also you might too.And I would just like to let you know my support is there.Please wear some blue in honor of Autism Awareness Month.”
Thanks as always Beninem!


1 Apr

Instrumentals have always been IN focus for our label. Of course we have an affinity our instrumental bands; The Player Piano, The Retaliation For What They Have Done To Us, and artist like Rajiv Patel and Jeff Johnrey, but there are many other records we could name that we wish we had released as well.

We intend to make a greater effort to make instrumental versions of albums available. We started this with Art  For Starters “Without Voice,” and Before Braille’s “Instrumentals,” and now we want to make Loyal Wife “Faux Light” more publicly available. (They were previously offered as free bonus tracks on the Loyal Wife Bandcamp page.)

So, check out Loyal Wife “Faux Light Instrumentals.”
And to help you see the light, we’ve made them free.



24 Mar


52nd Street Jazz Band CD Release Party
March 29, 2014
@ BadAZ Balboa 2014 [map]
Sponsored by Kats Korner

Celebrate Sunset Alliance’s 50th release,“52nd Street Revisited,” get acquainted with 1930′s-era NYC/Chicago jazz and get a free download!
9pm @ BadAZ Balboa 446 E. Broadway Rd, Mesa 85204

*Kats Korner provides swing dancing lessons 7:15-8 & DJ from 8-9pm, included in the $12 cover!
*Physical copies of the CD are also available in fancy digipaks.

 jazz allies: / /

It’s an honor to have reached 50 releases. It could not have been accomplished without so many incredible allies. Thank you. It’s only fitting to keep it in the ally family. It’s been an incredible experience for David Jensen to not only release his father-in-law’s album, but to have recorded the music and designed the album art. Joe Hopkins is an incredible man and honored musician. He and his band have done their best to ‘class-up’ this place! Read more



18 Feb

Ten years after the release of Novi Split “Keep Moving,” Davids Jerkovich and Jensen discuss the story behind it + the new release “Keep Moving Disk 2.”

After The Real Diego played a show at Modified, I requested a track for my Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended comp. You sent me a cdr of unreleased and 7” tracks for the band, but at the end you threw on 3 ‘solo’ tracks you recorded on the laptop. I remember getting so excited about them that I called you up right away.
Mr. Jerkovich, do you care to recount how we met or should we just move on to other questions?

You have an incredible memory. You left a note to my band saying sorry that you couldn’t stick around to have your minds blown. That’s how we met.
I remember making you a CDR and slipping some of my more sensitive material towards the end. I was very embarrassed about it in a way back then. 

For the sake of posterity or our audience, what does Novi Split mean?

The “New” Split.  My family is from Split, Croatia. 

At some point you lived in Space 19 (Before Braille’s practice space) and finished your record. I remember listening to it on the Space 19 couch with you and Rajiv Patel discussing track order. I lost the argument that 300 copies should not open the record. I wanted to start w/ I Had You. Do you regret winning that fight? 

Space 19 is an appropriate name because it was like being in space. All my memories about that place seem to involve the middle of the night. That was like a sweat lodge for me. I purified myself in the heat of mesa and I came out the other end a changed man. I wrote and recorded the final song for that record through the night with minutes to spare to get to the mastering lab. I remember it wasn’t finished until I recorded Kelly screaming while throwing a chair across the room. Who was I?

I remember that argument. I told you that ’300 copies’ was like a fight song. A declaration of what Novi Split was all about. It set the tone for the record. It also set the tone for the rest of my career which sucks. If ‘I had you’ set the tone of my career I’d be dead by now. 

Read the rest of the interview on the Artist Q&A page


Keep Moving, Disk 2 was released today. Go download it for free: