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15 Feb

Novi Split - Keep Moving10 years ago Sunset Alliance had the privilege to release Novi Split’s intimate collection of personal recordings, titled Keep Moving.It’s was a joy to work with David J. If you know David, you understand what a pleasure it must be for Sunset Alliance, Hush, Moby, Barsuk, (unnamed)teen TV dramas, the country of Croatia, and all to work with him.


Novi Split -Disk 2To celebrate, we will be collaborating with David once again to release Novi Split Keep Moving, Disk 2. We’ve dug out nearly 20 unreleased tracks from closets, sheds and hard drives that, not unlike the Disk 1, were never meant for the public ear. Sunset Alliance was surprised David allowed us to poke around his audio diary again, but we’ve learned David is quite the push over. (Offer him come casino credits, a Trapped in the Closet DVD copy and a couple Korean candies and you can get David to do just about anything.)

We want to give everyone the opportunity to relive 2004. So, later this month, we will offer Novi Split Keep Moving, Disk 2 for free download. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for our release date announcement. You may be mad at us for not releasing this stuff 10 years ago, but we hope the Disk 2 price will be sufficient penance.



15 Mar


Sunset Alliance has been thinking about what we would do for our 50th label release. When asked, our answer was always the same, “Something special!” And now we are pleased to announce that special something…

Later this Spring, Sunset Alliance Records will release The 52nd Street Jazz Band “52nd Street Revisited.” Members of this fine collaboration of artist are Gary Church–who was part of Willie Nelson’s touring band, songwriter and tour member for Merle Haggard, and the 23rd inductee to the Western Swing Hall of Fame inductee), Danny Shannon (known to be the first musician in Arizona to play and perform with an electric bass guitar), and Joe Hopkins, former President of the Arizona Jazz Society (there is even “Joe Hopkins Day” in Chandler, AZ),  highly respected clarinet player, and father-in-law to Sunset Alliance label owner, Dave Jensen. Read more about the band. [See Gary blow!]

It feels like things have come full circle. We couldn’t be more excited to work with such find musicians. The 11-song album was recorded by David Jensen.

Ronald J. Lllewellyan III (Welshmans Pride Studio) masterfully mixed & mastered the record and Chuckie Duff and David Jensen provided the art.

It’s an honor to have reached 50 releases. It could not have been accomplished without so many incredible allies. It’s only fitting to keep it in the ally family.



8 Mar

Sunset Alliance is your Arizona indie label since 1999. Owned and operated by David Jensen. With help from good friends (allies) Sunset Alliance prides itself in being ahead of the curve in our digital age.  This is why we are proud to announce our brand new, official, new, crisp, freshly new Sunset Alliance YouTube channel! We’re only a decade behind the ball, but we do not blame ourselves. Who do we blame?? YOU, our allies!…for not providing us with the essential footage for creating the type of channel we intend to brag about over the next decade! (Really, we blame ourselves.)

So, now it’s up to you to send us content to beautify and spice up our page.  We want videos of The Retaliation, The Player Piano, Novi Split, Before Braille, Stereotyperider, Fivespeed, Beninem, etc.  Let us be YourTube!  If you’ve got something funny, insightful, or related to your Sunset Alliance experience, Subscribe & Send videos. We’ll share it. We’ll credit you. We’ll send you something in return.


Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.34.59 AM

MORE A’s To Q’s

15 Feb

Let’s give you some more answers about the ‘Artist Q&A’ series.

Q: When will the next intallment take place?
A: We expect Feb 25th, or sooner.

Q: How do I submit questions?
A: Send them here or post them on Facebook.

Q: To which artists may I submit questions?
A: Any and all artist on our roster, and even beyond! (You’ll see later.)

Q: Will the artist actually receive my question, and answer it?
A: They’ve committed to doing so, under penalty of not being cool.

Ever since the series launched we have been securing more interviews and questions, but we need your help. So, submit question and make this series better than if we were to do it alone. Thanks!

Our following Q&A sessions will feature:

John Jeffrey (Jeff Johnrey, Yukon Blonde)

David J (Novi Split)- “Keep Moving” 10th Anniversary.

Brandon Smith (Before Braille/The Retaliation…) designer, computer programmer, brainstormer, bass player.

Jason Corman (The charming Mr Fantastical!)- butcher, producer, guitar hero (predating the game), and Corn Husker.

David Ellefson (Megadeth)- Yes, THAT David Ellefson, and THAT Megadeth!

Again, we invite our allies to submit questions to any one of these artists. And challenge you to wow us. The best question submitted will have the CD of their choice mailed to the address of their choosing.

And in the meantime, Enjoy this newly updated version of the Roger Over & Out Q&A.

Sunset Alliance- Roger Over & Out Q&A -Drex


9 Feb

If you were there (2001), you were not square.
OK, let’s be honest. You mighta been square.