8 Jul

Stinkweeds storefront

If you’re looking to purchase a Sunset Alliance release, you have many options. We just want it to be clear that we have one option that we favor, even over purchases that come directly to us. This is why Stinkweeds has Captain Baby’s debut available for sale now, 3 weeks before its official release. Buy physical copies. And buy from Stinkweeds.

Stinkweeds is a Phoenix-based record store that has been specializing in satisfaction since 1987.  [virtual tour]

Sunset Alliance has developed a great bond and trust with our favorite mom & pop. We always aspire to the responsible ownership and selfless service that Kimber Lanning (owner) has provided to Arizona’s local music, art and business communities. Kimber has made quite an impact on the great state of Arizona and the people she’s touched through Stinkweeds, Modified, Local First AZ, and all her ventures.

 Kimber Lanning by Chaunte Johnson

Stinkweeds has always had the best staff. Within the brick walls of Stinkweeds, many great people have not only supported my Sunset Alliance efforts, but they have introduced me to many great records and performances. Do to my trust in their advice & tastes, I hold a ‘Best of 2004’ list by the staff of Stinkweeds, still meaning to pick up every record recommended. Ten years later, their picks have proven to be educated ones.

Lindsay and Dario are much more than Stinkweeds ‘staff,’ they are the heart and soul of the experience. Dario’s kindness and creativity are almost more outstanding than the shiny curls of his semi-long, black-stallion hair! His musical palate runs deep, but he still spends time writing songs for kids so they don’t have to be stuck with music that blows, or grow up too fast w/ their dad’s Animal Collective, or their mama’s Grizzly Bear.

Dario Miranda by Nick Oza

Lindsay, is the coolest girl in Phoenix. She plays bass, or whatever you need, in like 10 great bands, sings, smiles and playfully insults (teases) you more enjoyably than a Family Guy barbershop quartet—had its members been filled by 4 Snow White princesses with kittens in their pockets.

Lindsay Cates by Paul Valach

Basically, I love Stinkweeds. Anyone who has ever represented this label, loves stinkweeds. Everyone who has ever gone to Stinkweeds, loves Stinkweeds.

Sure, we love other people too, but not like Stinkweeds. And yes, we want to you have many choices for how you wish to acquire our music, but we hope you’ll make the right now. Stinkweeds.

Stinkweeds blue-sm

Captain Baby’s Sugar Ox will be in their listening station and it will look like this:

Captain Baby - Sugar Ox cover

Or this:

Captain Baby - Sugar Ox (OwlSkull)

dual-cover = punk-rock. So is frequenting record stores.
Go to: 12 W. Camelback, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Olive In the Ocean


Photos by Nic Oza, Chaunte Johnson, Paul Valach

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