5 Oct

Beninem is at it again. “Autistic Flow,” Halloween-style, (unedited as the artist intended). Happy First Friday!

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“Yo it all started this one night on a street full of fright.All these kids started walking threw way passed dark then all of the sudden dogs started to back for no apparent reason.It seamed so strange to have this happen on a October night like this where no ghosts were roaming or maybe slimmer was foaming from too much ghooley soda he had chugged down.Whatever it was that was reappearing then dissapearing had been around for years as if root beers made you belch.Someone tried to call some guys who were not scared of nothing not even Freddie the slasher they thought of him as some geek hacker with plastic knives on his hands.Too bad they did not get the clue cause this guy could hurt you or anyone sleeping in there bed.At times they had to use some kind of packs that would shoot out rays of light to get the nightmarish creatures pined tight in a spot at times it worked real good.But somebody always tried to stop there biz cause at times the grouch thought he was a wiz for trying to lock them up.A funky fresh guy had to go down town to teach this clown what would happen if he messed with the towns ateam of ghost collectors.Well that guy the scaring of his life by some Psycho named the boogie man he put on some beastly jam then scared the guy so bad he had an accident in his droors.As if that seamed bad enough for him a pair of nasty gremlins attacked him with a gasty smell which left him breathless.You now all of this only happens on Halloween so watch on that day if you don’t then you will pay. Yikes run while you can for this could be you the last time anyone will wake up to this fun flow. Boohahaha!” -BENINEM

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