2 Mar

“My thoughts seam to be turning into knots from lack of expression.Ive fealt so much heartache from not being able to break free from the chains that hold me back.Im runing around trying to find this rythem with words that hit the masses break open peoples glasses.Its hard to see the cross wind in the mind but all never get pined down.All give them all that I got while taking a chance that my pants wont fall down before they get buckeld tight.You now everything is gona be alright when lasting fame becomes the game when nobody sounds the same.Its not about what you persue its about everything that you do to keep yourself bright.Will keep it going by freshioning up the wall by spraying what we can tell they see it fall into there mind.Yeah thats how it has be done even when the sun hits you on the run of your life.What is that you say live for another day alright you got it.Here I am busting this slam without any jam to gel it together.Its a beast I say the least imagine they irony of this deadication when its hot for other will not hit this without geting phased first.” -Beninem 3/2/2012  (Autistic Flow Series #4)
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