6 Apr

Every ‘First Friday’ Beninem lays down a freestyle.  He sits at his computer and writes for only a couple minutes, uninterrupted.  Whatever comes to mind is what he puts down.  Here’s Ben’s April ‘Autistic Flow’ unedited…
Ive got this cash money coming out of the dash in my mind.Its giving me this fealing to type my flow with so much hype I’m already raking in the leaves left behind by the legends of old Hiphop.They have seen the beast which has been unleashed after diging into this feast of knowledge from me.There so fat they fall back then the sound of a bat conection is heard as it comes in thirds of split wooden pieces.The ball has been pitched so fast there is no time to ask where to swing there arms are in a cast.I guess it is at this moment that these mcs become rolled under the tractor they are not the factor anyomore.So remember to keep it real in this deal you have been trying hard for.

Joining Beninem’s Freestyle today is D’Talks (Beninem’s studio producer)…
Funny makes money. Like the Easter Bunny when its sunny, sonny. Like a cotton mouth that chokes you out with balls gone south from your mouth to da’ gout. 
Don’t call me sick when I sick you out or sick my dogs on your trout when you drop it out. 
Yo, funny makes money. I said don’t call me sick cuz my nose is runny or an addict cuz my dope rhymes are bloody. I’m sick cuz I’m wicked fly on the fly. And I’m a nice guy if you like– and a rude guy if you might. And I tread light, but not on the mic when I’m on altitude’s & my attitudes on mile high. And I’m dope cuz I’m on high, not on a high, but I never wanna touch the sky cuz it’s below me.
So blow me, like a wind that feels homey, homey. I could use a breeze to cool this hot beat that’s shakin your seat and making you sweak like bologna, homey. 
So show me. That money that you owe me. That sandwich that you’ll make me, cuz you bet that you could own me. Bologna. Now I own you and you owe me. So pony. Phony.

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