15 Jul

Catch what may be Loyal Wife‘s final show, July 24th @ Rhythm Room. (as Ashley Taylor has announced her pregnancy… with a fine young lady on the way!) [SHOW DETAILS]

Happy Body Slow Brain
is comin back to PHX!  Our good friends will show us how it’s done No-Cal-style. These guys may be the best live band you see this year and also quite kind, good looking fellas, if we’re honest.

Joining the bill, Phillip Hanna of Tugboat & his fine new band, Of the Painted Choir, as well as Braden McCall & gents, aka Dead Wildlife.

Happy Body Slow Brain “Sleepy EP”

Of the Painted Choir “Lula” EP

Dead Wildlife “In This Room” Korey Wade Remix

& us

LOYAL WIFE “FAUX LIGHT” (2012) Sunset Alliance Records

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