12 Jun

Art For Starters is the solo project by David Jensen. After Before Braille (Aka, AB “After Braille”) and a musical hiatus, Jensen came back with an album inspired by latter-day Before Braille experiences.  It was titled “Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People.”  There was a track recorded for the double-album called “The Bone Stopped the Bullet,” but it was left off to be later added to a split release with Facing New York, though it was never materialized. (FNY later split into Happy Body Slow Brain and Wallpaper)

The Phoenix New Times featured the project after Jensen had pieced together a live band with Ashley Taylor, Brad Cole, Chad Martin, David Marquez and Ree Boado. (Which had earlier reincarnations that never played live with Rajiv Patel, Loren Brinton and Spencer Reed.) The live band members hailed from local favorites Fivespeed, Batter the Drag, Colorstore, Sweet Bleeders, Dearspeak, and others.

To make a short story even longer, The Bone Stopped the Bullet was debuted on the released on The Shizz compilation “AM or PM – I Don’t Know” (review) released by Shizz Records and later made permanently available on the second Art For Starters released “Mark So Made.

To get to the point of the story, the inspiration for the song & title came from Homer Simpson’s response to his concerned son after getting shot during an ill-fated duel in an episode titled “E-I-E-I-D’oh!“, from Season 11.

Inspired by a cheesy “Zorro” movie, Homer begins slapping people with a glove and challenging them to duels (with the victims giving Homer whatever he wants instead of accepting the challenge), but when a real Southern gentleman accepts Homer’s request for a duel, the Simpsons run off to the old farm Homer lived in with his parents (as seen in the season six episode Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy) and breed a dangerously addictive but successful tobacco/tomato hybrid called “tomacco”. Just when they are about to gain a hundred million dollars from the hybrid, dangerously addicted animals ruin their plan. Homer proceeds to duel, only to get shot in the arm.

The exchange goes as follows…
Colonel: Ooh, where are my manners :shoots Homer:
Homer: OOOOOwwww! OOOW!
Bart: Are you okay, dad?
Homer: I think so. The bone stopped the bullet.
Lisa: Dad, this might be one of those things you should go to the hospital for.
Homer: After pie!

Stream the hilarious sound bite here (or in its entirety)
Download Art For Starters’ The Bone Stopped the Bullet here or here

ALLY039 - Art For Starters "Mark So Made"


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