24 Jul


The story behind this record goes like this… Dave Jensen (Sunset Alliance label owner) was introduced to John Jeffrey’s solo record by way of Yukon Blonde.  As a big fan of group from British Columbia, Dave caught wind of this John’s masterful instrumental project, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  While finishing up his final semester of college and welcoming a new addition to his family, his stress level was at its peak, and “Extended Stay” became the background to life in the Jensen home.  It was regularly played to keep things in perspective & improve mood(s).  The album has become one of the most personal of Dave’s collection, so he approached John about the possibility of officially releasing it… John agreed.

Now, we could not be more excited about this (digital) release.  Catalog #048 will be home to Jeff Johnrey “Extended Stay,” on July 31st, 2012, as it brightened the Jensen home for the first critical months of this year.  We are so happy be bring it to you.  And, we’re hopeful about a physical release of this record, so stay tuned.

John Jeffrey (aka Jeff Johnrey) is currently on a US/Euro tour w/ Yukon Blonde. Check for dates and locations here. And click the cover to order their incredible sophomore LP.

Yukon Blonde “Tiger Talk”



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