11 Apr

Extended Stay is one of the best instrumental albums you will ever hear. It is a sonic tapestry woven by Jeff Johnrey.  It’s subtle. It’s calming. It’s intriguing. In this installment of ‘Q & A’ we discuss the artist’s stint with Yukon Blonde, his life in Germany, and his new music.  
 Jeff Johnrey Studio

Can you give us a brief John Jeffrey music history?

Well my interest in music came from my dad, always had guitars around etc.. He traded a welder from his garage for my first drum set when i was 8 or so.. I took my first lesson from a good friend of mine’s grandfather who made me cry never want to play again. Flash forward: 6 years, at age 14 I started playing in a punk rock cover band at a local music shop. They had a program called ‘Weekend Warriors’ where kids would get together and have a ‘band coach’…real washed up old musicians assuring us of the girlfriend’s we would have from making music.

Your name is John Jeffrey. Your “band” name is Jeff Johnrey. What led to this decision?

Nothing in particular, I have two first names so just switched them. No cool story there.

Would you mind discussing your basic recording process/set up? Instruments, gear, etc.?

It’s simple, I just use Logic and a sound card.. Presonus Firepod.. A Fender Stratocaster, drums, midi keyboard and computer. A couple mics and most of the time I just put guitars direct. I’m no good at recording really, that’s an art all in itself.

Your song titles can be ambiguous. What inspires the titles? And what is a ‘Blue Mom Day?’

Read John’s answer and the rest of this interview on the Artist Q&A page, found under our ‘Contact’ Menu tab.


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