21 Jun

Sunset Alliance asks for our allies to come together for Joel Marquard in his bout with testicular cancer. Joel is the brainchild behind Gospel Claws and The Through & Through Gospel Review (available thru Common Wall Media).  This week the Phoenix New Times reveals Joel’s story: Joel Marquard of Gospel Claws Takes on Testicular Cancer (With His Friends).

As many of us know, Joel has received treatment for his cancer and things are on the up and up, which is fortunately allowed Gospel Claws to begin work on their new album.

Of course, Joel’s health and state of his family is of greatest concern, so we’d like to invite our allies to this show in support of Joel. (You’ll see the line-up is as good as it gets.)

If you are unfamiliar with Joel’s solo project you can download his haunting and brilliant solo record here: The Through & Through Gospel Review. You’ll see that there is much to love and fear in our friend Joel Marquard.

*Update, AZ Central also ran a story.


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