27 Jun

One man, two names, and he is coming to Sunset Alliance. John Jeffrey is the bass player for Yukon Blonde, one of the best bands in North America. From Vancouver, Canada, Yukon Blonde is sweeping the globe in support of their new record Tiger Talk, a follow up to their self-titled LP. (Which happens to be most underrated albums of the last decade!  One listen to Brides Song and you’ll know what we’re talking about!) But what the world doesn’t know is that John Jeffrey has been traveling the globe with something up his sleeve.  That something is his debut record “Extended Stay” by Jeff Johnrey.

ALLY048 Jeff Johnrey “Extended Stay”

The moniker given to his project gives accurate insight into his instrumental album.  In it, one will find a layered density of contradictory moods.  There are moments that feel dark and sparse, and others that are light and playful.  What peeked our interest most in Extended Stay was its ability to soothe while remaining identifiable.  The songs attach themselves to ones psyche and make an emotional home, every track feeling like personal experience.  After each listen, the songs become more attractive and comfortable, while remaining provocative.

We just love this record.  (Dave said that during his final semester in college this Spring he relied on John’s record to lift his spirits especially during the stress of midterms & finals.) We haven’t had this kind of musical contribution on our label since The Player Piano’s Satellite or Rajiv Patel’s Of Black Water.  Dave practically begged John to let us add this to our catalog, as we have been emotionally attached since we first heard the demos. We are so proud and happy to include Jeff Johnrey in our alliance and look forward to his Extended Stay.

Prospective release date: July 31, 2012.


Until Jeff Johnrey “Extended Stay” is available, take a look at the new Yukon Blonde video for their first single, “Stairway” on Dine Alone Records

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