15 Feb

Novi Split - Keep Moving10 years ago Sunset Alliance had the privilege to release Novi Split’s intimate collection of personal recordings, titledĀ Keep Moving.It’s was a joy to work with David J. If you know David, you understand what a pleasure it must be for Sunset Alliance, Hush, Moby, Barsuk, (unnamed)teen TV dramas, the country of Croatia, and all to work with him.


Novi Split -Disk 2To celebrate, we will be collaborating with David once again to release Novi Split Keep Moving, Disk 2. We’ve dug out nearly 20 unreleased tracks from closets, sheds and hard drives that, not unlike the Disk 1, were never meant for the public ear. Sunset Alliance was surprised David allowed us to poke around his audio diary again, but we’ve learned David is quite the push over. (Offer him come casino credits, a Trapped in the Closet DVD copy and a couple Korean candies and you can get David to do just about anything.)

We want to give everyone the opportunity to relive 2004. So, later this month, we will offer Novi Split Keep Moving, Disk 2 for free download. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for our release date announcement. You may be mad at us for not releasing this stuff 10 years ago, but we hope the Disk 2 price will be sufficient penance.


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