LOYAL WIFE – Studio bound!

17 Nov

Loyal Wife
Ashley Taylor (Split Lips/Pumphouse)
David Jensen (Before Braille/Art For Starters)

…will set up camp for two weeks @ Flying Blanket Recording as our calendars flip forward into Y2K12.  The first weeks of January are set aside for the duo and their mates.  Spencer Reed will provide bass duties, Blake Kimball on guitar, and Sam Hardwig on drums.   As customary @ Flying Blanket, Bob Hoag will sit at the controls.

A set of about 10 songs are prepared for the studio.
The scheduled time may not allow for a complete LP, but allies can expect at least an EP-worth of material to be released sometime before the Mayan calendar leads this blustery world into non-existence.

The question has been consistently asked, and the answer will come as the days progress, but the way the songs are shaping up, it looks as though Ashley & David will share vocal duties.  Expect an interesting arrangement of vocal play.  Think, the classic Romeo & Juliet feature film, with even tighter tights and longer, sharper swords.

Updates to follow soon, but until then, please enjoy this visual foreshadow:



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