MORE A’s To Q’s

15 Feb

Let’s give you some more answers about the ‘Artist Q&A’ series.

Q: When will the next intallment take place?
A: We expect Feb 25th, or sooner.

Q: How do I submit questions?
A: Send them here or post them on Facebook.

Q: To which artists may I submit questions?
A: Any and all artist on our roster, and even beyond! (You’ll see later.)

Q: Will the artist actually receive my question, and answer it?
A: They’ve committed to doing so, under penalty of not being cool.

Ever since the series launched we have been securing more interviews and questions, but we need your help. So, submit question and make this series better than if we were to do it alone. Thanks!

Our following Q&A sessions will feature:

John Jeffrey (Jeff Johnrey, Yukon Blonde)

David J (Novi Split)- “Keep Moving” 10th Anniversary.

Brandon Smith (Before Braille/The Retaliation…) designer, computer programmer, brainstormer, bass player.

Jason Corman (The charming Mr Fantastical!)- butcher, producer, guitar hero (predating the game), and Corn Husker.

David Ellefson (Megadeth)- Yes, THAT David Ellefson, and THAT Megadeth!

Again, we invite our allies to submit questions to any one of these artists. And challenge you to wow us. The best question submitted will have the CD of their choice mailed to the address of their choosing.

And in the meantime, Enjoy this newly updated version of the Roger Over & Out Q&A.

Sunset Alliance- Roger Over & Out Q&A -Drex

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