9 May

(left to right: Sam Hardwig, Spencer Reed, Ashley Taylor, David Jensen, Blake Kimball.)

“Before Braille’s David Jensen Returns With New Band Loyal Wife”  By Serene Dominic

How to measure loyalty, commitment, devotion?

In the case of David Jensen, of Sunset Alliance Records and guiding light behind Before Braille, Art for Starters, and now Loyal Wife, his dedication to music can be physically measured in the form of actual compact disc inventory, shrink-wrapped and stacked up, in the attractive shed behind his Mesa home. Standing watch over all this product is a cutout of Eminem’s head peering ominously from the window.

“The sheer number of unsold CDs I have requires someone with vast multi-platinum experience,” Jensen wryly observes, “so I asked Eminem to guard them for me. So far, he’s done too good of a job, as unfortunately none of them have gone missing. I’ve printed 55,000 CDs through Sunset Alliance and my own bands. I have 3,000 in my shed. Two thousand of those are attributed to Before Braille breaking up suddenly. Another year of touring would have brought a zero sum.” [Read the rest]

Read the rest of the Loyal Wife interview online or in print w/in the May 10th publication of the Phoenix New Times. (Feature authored by Serene Dominic.)

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