25 Oct

Before Braille “The Rumor” slip cover

Before Braille “The Rumor” insert cover

Music Industry Confidential shares in our reminiscence of The Rumor 10yr Anniversary. M.I. Confidential is an editorial blog to take a peek into the day-to-day lives of the different characters that make up music industry: artists to journalists, guitar builders to guitar techs, sales people to recording engineers.

[story excerpt] “…this the story of Before Braille from Mesa, AZ as written by lead singer Dave Jensen, about the how the logical decision to sign with a label almost cost the band everything.

I got to know Dave when I was in college and interned at Flying Blanket Recording…To this day I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to their art that they’re ready and willing ready to risk physical, mental, emotional, and financial health for it.  All of this could either get channeled into unbelievably great shows and albums (which it usually did) or horrific battles like the one you’ll soon read about…”

Read the rest of the article [here].

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