Sunset Alliance Discography

16 Aug

Over the last decade we have released nearly 50 albums. Think about how much work goes into this feat. That’s 5 albums a year, nearly a release every other month. Over this time, many songs and recordings have been lost or filed away. Many have gone out of print and unavailable in physical form, or even digital format. Because of this, we have made so much of this material available online. Of these 3 volumes, many are comprised of songs that had edits or mixes that made sense in album format, but are made difficult to enjoy in a single download.

Now, with new edits, new mastering, and even new mixes in some cases, this compilation of our history is now conveniently available. A lot of incredibly hard work and good times have been expended over the last 10+ years. We again thank everyone who has been a part of it. The prices of these compilations should reflect our gratitude. Thank you. This is a proud moment for us. This is a proud moment for me. If you’ve lived these experiences with us, this may be a proud moment for you as well. Congrats to us both! -DPJ


ART FOR STARTERS Ivory demo by Sunset Alliance & Friends

ART FOR STARTERS “I Hope Ants Crawl Under Your Eyelids” (New Edit) by Sunset Alliance & Friends

THE RETALIATION FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US “Ideas Vs. Protocol” by Sunset Alliance & Friends

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