The Letterpress Restored

23 Apr

After a stint where one might look far and wide without locating a copy of the voltaic Input/Output by The Letterpress, it’s back with additional material. Two bonus tracks, “Conflict,” and “Ink Bleeds” have been added to the 7-song anti-guitar record that now boasts of 9-songs. These two additions were favorites live, but never found their way on an official release.

In a time where guitars may have been most prevalent in indie rock (2004), The Letterpress doubled-down on the rhythm section by having 2 bass players, Rajiv Patel and Jeremy Drysdale (Who was also the vocalist). Melody and technicality united as Drysdale and Patel weaved their ‘low-end’ tapestry, tightly-wound in pop sensibility. Dustin Carson (Foreign Holiday) was equally responsible by keeping the songs rhythmically in step and  complex in harmonious assonance.

The LetterpressTony Reed

In your musical lifetime you might have but one opportunity to experience a rock band without a guitar that doesn’t fill that space with electronics or keys or gimmick. You might as well soak it in while you have the chance, even if you are 10 years late. It’s okay, the music has been here waiting for you. Later is better than never.

Hear/download the album now from Bandcamp now and find it in a couple weeks on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all your favorite digital forums.

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