Homeless Radio

Homeless Radio (Ukraine) debut album: The Truth

Release Date: May 18, 2021

The Truth features 4 songs combining a raw rock-n-roll energy with nice pop melodies. 

1. Protect Us From the Truth
2. I Don’t Care
3. Somebody’s OK, Somebody’s Not
4. Ship-song 

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The Truth is self-described as “Where surrealism unites with realism.” The EP is inspired by Jack from the Titanic movie: A relatable story of a courageous man living in his own way, unwittingly towards a pernicious end. The Truth satirizes this tragic tale from its opening track “Protect Us From the Truth.” The lyrics continue the theme culminating with an alternate ending in the closer: “Ship-song.”

All Homeless Radio songs and lyrics written by four guys from Kharkiv, Ukraine: Andrew Yampolskiy, Fedor Orlov, Ivan Trikoza, and Ivan Orlov. 


18 May 2021


Music: Andrew Yampolskiy, Fedor Orlov, Ivan Trikoza, Ivan Orlov. Lyrics: Andrew Yampolskiy. Mixing/Mastering: Vlad Rybalkin. Artist: Anastasia Zelenskaya. Concept Art: Alina Pisenko. Video: Stepan Tka