Homeless Radio - About You

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Latest single by Ukrainian band, Homeless Radio! (Official release date: 19 April 2022) 

Pray for Andrew that he and his family can get out safely from the makeshift bomb shelter they have been living for since the evil Russian invasion. 


Look out for the Before Braille cover track Goodnight Quiet Noise, recorded by Homeless Radio for the 20th Anniversary Celebratory Compilation, supporting The Rumor, September 10, 2002-2022. 

Dear Listener, I am trying to help my friends who are in danger. Homeless Radio is a band from Ukraine. Because if Russian bombing, they have been scattered around the country. The lead singer, Andrew is confined to a bomb shelter (basement) with his family in Izyum. They have been hiding from bombing and Russian soldiers for many months! They have no electricity, running water, or standard comforts. Andrew asked me to help share his lastly recorded song before he is killed. We pray he will remain alive, but his neighborhood has been destroyed and they are short on provisions. The Homeless Radio song is about love, family and country. It’s called “About You.” Andrew Yampolskiy and his bandmates just want the world to know that they even though it’s dark now, they will never give up. They hope their song becomes an inspiration for their Ukraine to have hope and hang on as long as they can! In Andrew’s last message he said “I will never join pseudo-Soviet Russia. The support of our music helps me stay positive in these dark times.” Will you please take a listen and add to any rightful playlists. Thank you, DPJ