Ways the Get Right 'commercial release' distinguishes itself from the Kickstarter (aka 'Bandaged') version that can be found via our shop:

New art. New packaging. New performances. New mixes. Remastered.


1.Claim 03:27

2.Lowlight 04:22

3.Fast As I Can 03:34

4.Black Serenade 02:49

5.Culprit 03:28

6.Hold Up 03:24

7.We Notice Homes When They Break 02:52

8.About This Town 03:52

9.This Is An Apology 03:18

10. Claim [bookend] 02:44 

*The enhanced CD includes all music videos and secret track.
Get Right written by DPJ & produced by David Jerkovich w/ Danny Nogueiras. 

All Songs written and performed by David Paul Jensen and...

David Jerkovich- Super Producer with entailed Electric, Acoustic and Slide Guitar, Bass, Synth, Percussion, Horns, Keys, Backup Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering. 

Danny Nogueiras- Vocals on Town, Synth on Yell Aware, Engineering, Co-producing. 

Anthony Pausic- Drums on Claim, Apology, Friends, Home, Town, Black Serenade. 

Tripp Beam- Drums on Fast, Hold Up, Culprit, Lowlight, My Claim. 

Laena Geronimo- Violins on Apology, Black Serenade, Culprit, Lowlight. 

Vicki Brown- Violins on Hold Up. 

Jeff Rofferdo- (Stand Up)Bass on Hold Up and Claim(bookend). 

Mike Whiteside- Organ on Home. 

Jason Voorhees- Percussion on Fast. 

Jason Corman- Guitar on Town. 

Produced by David Jerkovich w/ Danny Nogueiras @ The Ocotillo, Los Angeles.

Mastered by Mark Chalecki @ Little Red Book and David Jerkovich at Ocotillo. 

Bio / Kickstarter video by Sean Huntington 

Get Right Album cover image: Hanna Bass. Design: Daniel Bennion & DPJ.  


March 19, 2019


Get Right


Released on CD! (Digital technology call "compact discs" where information is read through lasers on a spinning disc!)


03.19.19, ALLY058