Loyal Wife

Get Faux Light newest project by David Jensen (Before Braille, Art For Starters) accompanied by Awake & Alert (sans Maya Peart, whom we love, but whom was absent). 

Available on all digital platforms. Get it from us here.

Phoenix New Times
Faux Light is Loyal Wife's debut... labeled with love. "I have an urge to create and collaborate," Jensen says. "My song ideas are always greatly improved by working with others. My songs feel like diary entries written in invisible ink until I record them properly. It's also a vicious cycle. The loyalty to the songs drives me to the studio. Paying studio costs drives me to stage. The stage drives me to depression and feelings of inadequacy, and those feelings drive me back to the 'diary.'"  full story by Serene Dominic.  

1. Ivory 03:43
2. Not What You Want 03:44
3. In Trouble 05:04
4. Cut the Rope 04:30
5. No Way 03:30
6. Beautiful World 04:09
7. GodSlight 04:05
8. Hold Up 02:57
9. Light On 02:06
10. Light Off 03:36

DPJ (songs, vocals, guitar), Sam Hardwig (drums), Spencer Reed (bass), Ashley Taylor (1/2 vocals), Blake Kimball (lead guitar).

*See Get Right. (Follow-up to Faux Light) Produced by David Jerkovich (Novi Split, Kind of Like Spitting, Deep Dream) w/ Danny Noguerias.