Icarus Phoenix - Dysfunction

Happy New Year, 2022. 

This is the exclusive 'New Year' single by Icarus Phoenix that you can only get through Sunset Alliance. Drew Danburry describes "Dysfunction/Victimization" as the abusive relationship between himself and his art, his musical pursuits. He says he would never allow such abuse in any other relationship, yet he keeps enduring through the ravages of his own creations. (paraphrasing) 


E B7 A7 B7 (2x) A B (2x) E B7 A7 B7

If I put in time, will it make you mine? If I give enough can I use it as leverage?

I want you to be everything that I need. All my wants and needs.

E B7 A7 B7 (2x) A B (2x) E B7 A7 B7

Is it how I try that exacerbates shyness? Are my needs and wants, what seems so repellant?

But if I could bridge this distance between us two. I'll always want you.

A B F#m B7 (2x) E B7 A7 B7 (2x)

Dysfunction at best, self destructions more like it.

Why can't you see how your denial's destroying me. So be what I want.

E B7 A7 B7 (2x) A B (2x) E B7 A7 B7 - (Instrumental)

E B7 A7 B7 (2x) A B (2x) E B7 A7 B7

I've moved on before but you always keep calling.

Despite where I hide, you'll eventually find me.

And I'll always cave the allure and hope will never fade. Just validate me.

A B F#m B7 (2x) E B7 A7 B7 (2x)

Denial's dug in, I want what I can't have.

Though you never asked I can't let go if you won't give in. I just want you more.


If you're looking for the latest Icarus Phoenix LP/Cassette you can find it directly from Drew thru Telos Tapes.