Beninem - Just Ask Johnny

The only way to keep hip hop true 

Is by keeping it real every single time 

It doesn’t matter how the beat goes 

‘Cause the lyrics are clean like a cup that came out of the dishwasher 

The only way to keep hip hop true is by keeping it real every single time 

Every single time. 

How do you like me now? 

Nobody got to get that extra rinse 

‘Cause the beep is neither here nor there

No reason to take a cues 

From those who cling to the static from being all gangster 

If I had wanted that, why Ice T would be giving me clues 

On when to say “boom blaw sucker” 

As an MC I never came from the hood 

The only thing that got shot was a toy cap gun 

It never put no bullet into anyone --

Just Ask Johnny 

Nah I don't see a reason to talk about all the homies down on the block 

That would only be cool if the gang was jumping some fool 

Then you might hear somebody say that guy got served up like cream puff 

Just ask Johnny about that 

Just ask Johnny about that

How do you like me now - Just Ask Johnny 

But everyone knows the season is only for the outsiders 

The real tough guys 

They always beat the rich kids.

Lyrics written and performed by Beninem 

Produced by DPJ