Loyal Wife - Knowhere


I don’t know where to go
If I did, I would have got there long ago

I can see that they’re going down roads that may have been meant for me
Where I might feel alive

I look older now and I feel it all passing me by
Like I’ve been taken for a ride

Numb the pain
Feel a flicker in my fingers fear the nerves are turning gray

When I lose faith I wanna stray
I keep some hope, but think my efforts only prolong the pain

I’ve lost my way, but not my strength
I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t go back the way I came

I’m older now and ready to stop stalling for time
Before I wasn’t asking, but now will you take me for a ride

Well I don’t know when I’ll finally get somewhere
I guess I’ll know when I get there

Still try to go, but got nothing to get me there
I can accept that it’s never fair

I need to go because I need to get somewhere
I need to go ‘cause we all need to be somewhere

Do I need to go or do I need to stay right here? 
I need to know before I go.

by DPJ 


29 Aug 2019


Thanks to Deep Dream, Margaret, Danny, Tripp, Anthony, Madi, Gene, Vasken, AHJ. (More detailed Credits) https://shop.sunsetalliance.com/album/knowhere-single


"Knowhere" by David Jensen and David Jerkovich