The Rumor (20th Anniversary)

We have remixed and remastered The Rumor so that it might sound closer to its original intent. 

We commissioned local artist, friend, scene builder, Jamie Woolford for this task. 

We did not try to mimic the original mix of Bob Hoag (Flying Blanket Recording), we simply put it in the hands of a talented craftsman, provided our input, trusted his process and invited him to make the record a part of himself. Jamie has given The Rumor clarity and new life! 

We are considering a vinyl release, but pre-orders would be required to motivate this daunting task. (contact)

Frankly, "correcting" the album sonically has been a very therapeutic process (The band was never happy with the final mix, by no fault of Bob's, but a label disagreement/misalignment), and we're simply excited to let everyone hear it!

September 10, 2022 

Note: A compilation of artists covering Rumor songs will accompany the re-release. 


Preparatory to the Rumor release, we will be dropping a couple Before Braille singles. 

First: THE SPANISH DAGGER, remixed and remastered for your pleasure. 

Second, Third and Fourth: The SECRET Trilogy. Secret No. 7, 8 and 9. All remixed and remastered as well. 


9/10/22, Remastered, Remixed

Secret No.7

Secret No.8

Secret No.9

The Spanish Dagger