(V/A) Before Braille - Under the Covers


We will do our best to keep the list of artists updated on this page. Scroll to see the current list of artists taking part.

Interest in the compilation has grown, so more than just "Rumor" songs are being recorded to support The Rumor reissue. The Rumor (2022) will drop on its 20th anniversary, 10 Sept 2022. 

Update: The remix sessions with Jamie Woolford are complete and The ‘new and improved’ Rumor has been mastered by Dan Coutant @ Sun Room. 

Brandon Smith has jumped in to assist The Rumor album cover. 

To allow for more bands to finish their covers, the compilation is still expected to accompany The Rumor (2022), but a final accounting of songs will not be available until the day of its release. Thank you to all the artist and friends who have joined us on this journey. It’s been really fun. 

UPDATE: The comp is available HERE 

You'll find it everywhere in October. Be patient. DPJ got covid in Malaysia and things got pushed back. 

BEFORE BRAILLE - Covers Compilation

A remixed/remastered version of Before Braille's debut LP The Rumor will be released on its 20th Anniversary, September, 10, 2022.   A compilation covering Before Braille songs--primarily from the album The Rumor--will be released in support of the remastered LP.  This will be consist of our friends and favorite local artists. We'd also like to use this as a way to learn about how the scene is doing today. So if you're an Arizona artist or group, we invite you to submit a song for consideration.  

(*We are willing to accept submissions for songs covering Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message, and Tired of Not Being Away From Here (aka Cattle Punching

Use our contact page to learn further details or to request to be on the compilation (submissions due by EOY, 2021).


A couple changes have been made to the list of bands taking part in the compilation. Some additions, some subtractions, but likely a double-album now. Stay tuned for this and the newly mixed and mastered, 20th Anniversary version of The Rumor

And more songs trickling in. Expect about 25 songs on its Sept 10 release.