Loyal Wife - Home


Leave a light on for me girl 
So the darkness exits your mind 
When I’ve got you, everything’s fine 
And I’ve got you 

You leave a light on for me at night 
So we can talk when I get inside 
If I don’t say it, it’s still on my mind 
“I love you” 

Even days that I’m out on my own 
Never feel like I’m really alone 
Cause I keep you and know that you’re keeping me too 

And it feels like I been here before 
Too familiar or good to ignore 
From my first life to every one after 
I choose you 

It took 6 years to make up my mind 
And I’m thankful you gave me that time 
Should have been less 
When I listen to the still small voice I know why 

I want you to feel like you are adored 
Like a sunset that can’t be ignore 
Or a moment that we've shared before 
And we’ll share more 

You know I know I’m small on my own 
It’s together that we make a home 
You remember at 19 that might have been frightening, but now it’s true 

And it feels like we’ve lived here before 
From the ceiling to our wooden floor 
Since our first one now every one after 
Home is you 

Until they break we don’t notice homes 
They’re left alone 
It’s not tricky when you’re at home 
I love my home 
You’re my home.


14 Feb 2017


Recorded @ The Ocotillo, Los Angeles w/ David Jerkovich and Danny Nogueiras, 2016-17


Performers: David P Jensen, David J Jerkovich, Anthony Pausic, Mike Whiteside. Produced by David Jerkovich. Mastered by Mark Chalecki Artist: Madi Altman.