Before Braille

The Rumor

Released 9/10/02. 

A planned remixed/remastered version expected on its 20th Anniversary, 2022. 

Additionally, a compilation is in production consisting of our friends and favorite artists covering Before Braille songs (primarily from the album The Rumor, but also from Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message, and Tired of Not Being Away From Here (aka Cattle Punching). Use our contact page to learn further details or to request to be on the compilation (submissions due by EOY, 2021).

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If California's Vagrant lays claim to the finest roster of hook-laden emo-core and D.C.'s Dischord has a stronghold on the cutting edge of angular post-hardcore, it kinda makes sense that the two sounds would meet somewhere in the middle on Arizona's Aezra label, where a band called Before Braille brews its own unique blend of rock for the new millennium. Seething with salt, sweat , honey and asphalt (not unlike seasoned AZ contemporaries Jimmy Eat World), this foursome delivers a positively commanding performance that betrays its relatively recent appearance on the radar. Each track on this sampler of songs from the upcoming full-length is brimming with texture and taste. Like Get Up Kids without the sentimentality or Fugazi with an eye toward the mainstream, Before Braille deftly delivers the best elements of both sonic camps. In one convenient package, you get not only a highly melodic, pop sensibility but also a challenging rhythmic stutter that keeps the whole affair from ever getting stale. -Jason Kundrath 

Slick and Savory. Emo-ish Arizona act Before Braille come across as a band with smarts on their debut album The Rumor. They've mastered a nice mix of alt-rock flavors -- from the eerie opening track...(which would work well on the soundtrack of a German Expressionist film) to the slick and savory grooves of the single...there is no doubt that this is a talented outfit...ADRIAN ZUPP