Mr Fantastical

Born To Boogie, Born To Die

Mr Fantastical's Born To Boogie Born To Die is the product of a butcher and his bacon. All songs were written and recorded by Mr. Fantastical (Jason Corman) and all costs associated with this record are paid in bacon. Only the CD manufacturer required payment of another form, but the check was soaked in swine excrement prior to being mailed inside an envelope of The Pork Shop butcher paper. This system of currency is not meant to offend vegakoshertarians (Hypersensitive vegetarians, vegans, kosher-adherers, and a portion of the jewish and muslim populations. Not to be confused with the non-hypersensitive within those honored peoples.)

Following the success of Jesus Chrysler, the Nebraska-native abandoned his band & legal name to become Harvey B. Fantastical and first released a trip-hop house album free from any of his celebrated guitars. It was called Inner-Dimensional Solo Collaborative.

Second, after joining Sunset Alliance, Mr. Fantastical dropped an anti-kids Childrens' album Ham Hocks & Guitar Strings. (Think Andrew W.K. meets Mr. Rogers). Kids love him, but the feeling isn't mutual.

Now for this third studio album, Mr. Fantastical has given in to the pressure applied by his minions and returned to his guitar-driven roots, saying,"We're born. We boogie. We die."  *Album dedicated to victims of midlife crisis and reluctant parvenu.

Message from Mr. Fantastical... 

"Did you grow up with the Dukes of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit, Scooby Doo, and now you’re old and got a bad tattoo? Well, I made this album for you! It's about coming to grips with your man boobs, losing everything you’ve worked for, and your inevitable demise. Join my midlife crisis and realize your life can be broken down to 3 stages... 

1. You're Born 
2. You Boogie 
3. You Die 

Thanks for listening in between." 

-Mr. HBF


17 Feb 2015


All songs written and recorded by Jason Corman (Mr. Fantastical) @ his Bumbles Bounce studio. (See album art liner notes.)