J-WILLZ - Young Benny

J-WILLZ aka GOLDEN CHILD WILLZ has produced a single in tribute to Benjamin Layne Shill, aka Beninem. Mad respect to Willz, who is one of our favorite artists in the world. It takes a great man to know a great man, it takes an even greater man to pay tribute. 
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Artist Bio

Over the years Willz has been grinding, performing stage to stage opening for artist like MGK, Tyga, Sam Adams, Big Boi, Big Krit, Talib Kweli, Waka Flocka & more. 

In 2015, you may have seen Willz pop up in a couple of places over the internet. Posted on the Shaderoom's Instagram page, The "WillzWednezdayz” features on Soundcloud

(Beyonce - Sorry Remix Feat. J-Willz)

(Travis Scott - ON MY VIBE FEAT. J-Willz)

(Fetty wap - "Again" Feat. J-WIllz)

(Tink- "Million" Feat. J-Willz)

(Erykah Badu- "Ill call You Back" feat. J-Willz)

(Dej Loaf - "On My Grind" Feat. J-Willz, Just to name a few)