Loyal Wife - Hold Up

If I hold up 

If I lean strong against the wind 
When the breeze blows me down upon my back 
I'll fight upright again 

If I hold up
If I smile wide when they offend 
And go against the grain enough 
I know 
it will one day it will smoothen 

If i hold up

And it’s more than just a problem

It’s more than just a whim

You gotta admit you never cared about me 

Even though you say you did

I’m not impressed by those with power 

I'm not impressed by those who grin

When I hold up

Then I'll hold up 

If I hold up 

Now, if I hold up 
I’m gonna let some light come in 
I’m gonna bow my head and simply ask 

Will you help me forgive them

If I hold up

When my fabric is wearing thin

When I’m hanging by a thread 

And get tangled up in confidence

If I hold up 

I’m gonna scratch and claw for solace 
I’m gonna let forgiveness in 
I'm gonna try to let it hold me 
I’m gonna try to let it win 
Because I don’t want to carry grudges 
But I feel I’m forced to live under them 
Until I hold up 

And I’m best when I’m a martyr 
But there is no one following 
Until I hold up 
If I hold up 
If I hold up



21 Nov 2017


Written by DPJ. Recorded @ The Ocotillo, Los Angeles w/ David Jerkovich and Danny Nogueiras, 2016-17


Performers: David Jensen, David Jerkovich, Tripp Beam, Jeff Rofferdo, Vicki Brown. Produced by David Jerkovich. Mastered by Mark Chalecki. Artist: Madi Altman. Video: DPJ & IzzieKaze.