Homeless Radio - Submarine

Homeless Radio - Submarine

After a prolonged hiatus, the return of Homeless Radio is marked by the release of their brand new single, "Submarine," set to make waves on January 9th on Sunset Alliance and all major streaming platforms.

Originally penned in 2015, "Submarine" isn't just a song; it's a spirited nod to Joe Dunthorne's novel and the film adaptation by Richard Ayoade with the same title. 

While Alex Turner's soundtrack for the movie was stellar but rather melancholic, Homeless Radio's rendition captures the essence of teenage rebellion, the zest of youth, and the look at those "glory days" through the lens of adulthood. The track is a lively blend of humor, sarcasm, and unbridled optimism a musical homage that's friendly to any ear, in the same way as the original story.

Homeless Radio emerges from their hiatus with ambitious plans to flood the airwaves with a cascade of new singles. The buzz intensifies as they prepare to drop their next sonic creation. The group suffered many changes through these dark times in Ukraine, both positive and negative ones.

In a momentous announcement, Homeless Radio introduces the newest addition to their lineup: the bass prodigy from Kharkiv, Stepan Tkachuck. However, bittersweet news shadows their return, with the band's guitarist, Ihor Pankieiev, stepping into the Ukrainian army. 

The forthcoming single, "Submarine," stands as a heartfelt tribute to Ihor—a testament to solidarity during challenging times.

If you want to support the Homeless Radio and its members from Ukraine, feel free to stream/purchase their music or make a direct Homeless Radio donation via PayPal. It helps the band to record and release new tracks faster! Слава Україні!

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Lyrics: Andrii Yampolskyi

Music: Homeless Radio

Vocal/Guitar: Andrii Yampolskyi

Bass: Stepan Tkachuck

Guitar: Fedir Orlov

Drums: Ivan Orlov

Art: Kostiantyn Borshch @ raptures_a_tide (Telegram, Instagram)

Mixed & mastered by Nikolas Quemtri @ NRQ's Studio https://facebook.com/nrqs.studio.page



"Submarine" is dedicated to Ihor Pankieiev 

Compliment from the producer of The Strokes.

Compliment from Joe Dunthorne, the author of the Submarine novel, a book and a man who Homeless Radio greatly admires.