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Mark So Made 

The initial intent of Mark So Made was to release the single "The Bone Stopped The Bullet" (after a collaborative-release with Facing New York did not come to fruition). The scope of the release expanded to include accurate versions of tracks from Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People were added. 

For Example: On the digital release of the debut album mentioned above, the instrumental section of "Bored With Things" was attached to the end of the song that precedes it, "Disquiet Trembler" rather than being an introduction for the following track. Such a misinterpretation was not considered when the album tracks were extracted from CD to be released digitally. 

Additionally, by nature of digital-listening, the album experience is undermined. Taking that into consideration, more 'consumable' versions of some songs from the "Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People" double-album were added to this ever-growing 'maxi-single.' 

Ironically, or perhaps confusingly, this 'maxi-single' took on the title "Mark So Made," which is identical to the final song on disc 1 of the double album, notwithstanding the fact that said song was not included on this release that bears its name. 

*Get the double-album and listen via CD player or rip it in its entirety as a single digital track. CD listening will be the prefered, more tangible experience and the 24-page album art developed by DPJ, AHJ, Chuckie Duff and Troy Brinkerhoff is worth the discounted price from our shop


1.Diction (The Beverly Hills Song)  03:36

2.I Hope Ants Crawl Underneath Your Eyelids [more quickly]  04:06

3.The Bone Stopped the Bullet  03:47

4.88 Doctors [front clipped]  03:00

5.I Went To Church Instead [fade]  04:24

6.Disquiet Trembler [alone]  04:08

7.Bored With Things [widowed]  02:59

8.I Just Can't Sleep Before I Say This [shortened]  02:44

9.Ivory Instrumental  03:41

10.Diction (Beverly Hills Acoustic)  05:43 

Find the double-LP here.


12 March 2012


Flying Blanket Recording | | Bumbles Bounce Studio


All songs written and performed by David Paul Jensen, sans some special moments with Jason Corman and Bob Hoag. Recorded by Jason Corman and Bob Hoag.