Loyal Wife - More Milk

It was reported that Michael Jackson’s final words were: “More milk.”

Do you wish to know what MJ termed as “milk?” (Very thing that killed him.)

What is your ‘milk?’

Whatever it is, don’t give in. Don’t give up. Everyday is another chance to get right.


Written by David Paul Jensen 

Every day there’s a different warning

The safer path is the one you choose

Fear is hungry so if you feed it

It will follow you 


You live in fear of potential shadows

Reflect the fear that projects on you

If safety’s first 

Then there isn't leader to follow thru


You've got a habit of slowdown

You need a habit of let go

You want to brag but you can't now

Because it's clear you've done nothing on your own

Every day's there’s a different warning

Shrink-wrap your family close to you

You interfere when you try to seal it

You can't feel love if it can't break through

You need more space to protect your bubble

And you complain you need elbow room

You say you want to fulfill a purpose 

That pops when you move

I started writing this for you

Some kind of audio letter

Now I realize I need to know

I know I need to get better

Don't wait for something new

We’re gonna get right soon 

This is something that I want to tell myself

But I have more courage saying it to you

I've got a habit of meltdown

I'm taking meds to feel better

But they don't help with the slowdown

Get back to work to get better

I'm gonna change starting right now

Remind myself by this letter

There's no such thing as the right time

But it's true that it runs out

You need more confidence somehow

But it won't come if you sit there

It's your choice to be happy

No one can make you feel better


Let's start a habit of go now 

(Every day brings a different warning) 

Let's start a plan to do better

(It all depends on the one you choose) 

Ball up the plan and just throw it out

(Every day is a warning) 


28 SEPT 2022


Written by DPJ. Produced by David Jerkovich w/ Danny N. @ Ocotillo in LA,CA, 2016. Mixed by Rémon 2022.



Michael Jackson room (day)

Michael Jackson room (night)